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Christmas Cards

December 2, 2010

Well, we’ve finally printed this year’s Christmas Cards, available to order HERE. Four cards for £5, one of each design in a mix of two colourways, with envelopes too. We’ll start posting them out from Monday 6th December via first class post.

Thank you to our awesome designers, Lee, Darren, Thomas and Mister Millerchip!

Our next show

November 23, 2010

Our next show is with Specialist Subject Records on Tuesday 14th December at Scruffy Murphys in Birmingham.

Plymouth’s finest, punk rock with a country/folk influence

Upbeat punk bangers from London town.

ex Big City Plan. the Midland’s newest Small Brown Bike tribute act

Brum Pop Punk

Find the FACEBOOK EVENT HERE and come along!

The poster was of course designed by the great Lee Nutland

Christmas Cards by GET A GRIP and friends

November 22, 2010

This year we have asked four of our favourite illustrators and friends of GET A GRIP to come up with a Christmas Card design each.

You can pre-order the cards here for £5, and will receive 4 A6 cards, (one of each design) hand screenprinted by ourselves. Printed on 100% recycled paper stock using waterbased inks. They will come with 4 upcycled envelopes by d!rektrecycling made from maps. The price also includes UK postage. Alternatively, you can wait until they are printed, and buy them directly from the studio/around The Custard Factory in a few weeks time (provided they haven’t already sold out).

Our amazingly talented designers are:
Darren John
Mister Millerchip
Lee Nutland
Thomas Lacey

There will only be a limited number of cards printed, and will be available and posted out as soon as they are printed in the first week of December (if not sooner). Please note they will vary slightly from the digital mock-ups pictured.


Maycomb tour and new shirts

June 11, 2010

Our pop punk friends Maycomb are spending this summer touring the UK with The Lock & Keys, and Ship To Shore (which Lee has done yet another awesome poster for). Oh yeah, and they’ve had these wicked-bad baseball shirts printed

We are putting on a show!

June 11, 2010

On 28th July we are putting on our first (of hopefully many) shows in Birmingham. For four pounds you will spend an evening being in the company of some of the awesomest punkrock bands in the UK at the moment: CAVES, BANGERS and THE AMISTAD, headlined by one of our favourite bands GOOD LUCK.

For Facebook dorks, let us know you can make it to our EVENT.

We have been playing GOOD LUCK’s new EP non-stop today, and Into Lake Griffy still remains a firm favourite to listen to in the studio.

Here’s some videos of all the bands to get you in the moooood:

First up Good Luck

And the rest are all taken from Strike A Chord

Oh, and the poster is by the wonderful Lee Nutland

GET A GRIP gifts

January 22, 2010

Today’s competition prize for THREE lucky winners who follow us on Twitter

GET A GRIP goodie bags

A specially screen printed GET A GRIP long-handled black cotton tote bag containing a limited edition gold screen-printed poster, and a paper poster to put up in public, our A5 sketchbook and badge pack, plus a few flyers to give to your friends

Good luck!

Note: The T-shirt is not part of the prize, only what is described above, BUT you can buy our merchandise here

GET A GRIP threads

January 20, 2010

Reasons why you might want to buy a GET A GRIP T-shirt

1. To scope out our printing skills

2. To check out what the deal is with these waterbased inks we keep going on about

3. To see that organic, carbon neutral and sweatshop free merchandise doesn’t have to cost loads, and doesn’t just come in ‘off-white’ and a bad fit. And why we would love it if you switched to EarthPositive Apparel for your next print order.

4. Because you love Lee Nutland’s sweet illustration design

5. Because you want to help GET A GRIP get more work

6. Because it’s nearly summer and you need a new T-shirt

Whatever your reason, these 4 colour T-shirts are available HERE and only going to set you back £8 including free delivery within the UK. Heck, we’ll even throw in some badges and stuff to sweeten the deal. Look out for more sample stuff to come soon…

Finally here!

November 26, 2009

Well, it’s taken us months to get GET A GRIP finally trading. Not because we are lazy, uninterested business-people who aren’t really into this whole screen printing lark, but a combination of us wanting to get off on the right foot with the right ‘look’, get our prices right, and set backs including lack of money, our other self-employed business ventures, us both venturing over the Florida to hang out at The Fest and a bout in hospital. But we’re here, and atlast we’ve got the website live finally, and we’re very happy.


The idea of this blog is to keep you up to date with what we’ve printed and who we’ve printed for. Think of it as an ongoing online portfolio, use it for inspiration, ideas and maybe find a new band or two.


All of the GET A GRIP artwork has been designed by a very good friend of mine, Lee Nutland, an incredibly awesome illustrator from Yeovil. We recommend him fully for any illustration work you might be looking for.


So there you are, we’re here at last and we are ready to print some awesome merchandise for you!