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Totes totes totes

November 26, 2010

So a while ago we launch THIS OFFER on organic tote bags, which is still totally available by the way. Here’s a few of the people who took us up on it, and some who didn’t but we’ve printed for recently!

Russell and the Wolf Choir


Scary Go Round Shop




(wordpress won’t let us link websites at the moment so we’ll update as soon as possible!)

Organic tote bag offer!

October 13, 2010

Well, it’s officially the run up to Christmas, and we know many of our creative friends will be deciding what they’ll be selling at art markets, in shops and online for the festive shoppers. We at GET A GRIP always like to encourage our customers to choose organic over standard products, so we’re offering a huge discount on our natural EarthPositive organic cotton tote bags

50 tote bags with a one colour print for £100 (reduced from £133)


100 tote bags with a one colour print for just £180 (reduced from £208)

Prices include VAT, screens and set-up.

EarthPositive manufacture organic cotton tote bags in their factory run solely on wind and solar power, meaning 90% lower CO2 emissions compared to conventional cotton tote bags.

If you can’t come to the studio to pick them up, we’ll happily post them out to you for just £8.50 extra.

We’ll be taking orders for this offer up to Friday 12th November for collections at the start of December. This offer is only available until our limited blank stock lasts.

Get in touch with your order or enquiries by emailing us at info(at)getagripstudio(dot)com


Makeshift Symmetry

August 11, 2010

Makeshift Symmetry is the new label name for Fergrapid, an independent clothing label. We love the bold geometric designs Fergus uses, I especially love the T-shirts.


August 11, 2010

We printed these totes for fashion designer (amongst many other skills) Chrissie Fizz . I love the bright cotton colours in contrast to the simple white logo.

Jeepers Peepers!

August 11, 2010

Sadly burlesque night Jeepers Peepers in Newcastle is no longer with us, but instead of leaving quietly they decided to go out with a bang holding a huge party last month we hear was a great night. They commissioned us to reprint all the tote bag designs they had sold in the past.

Eco creeping

June 21, 2010

A sure sign that we have been busy in the studio lately is that I am now spending the morning catching up with all the blogging. We printed these lovely tote bags for Eco Creeper weeks ago, but I have only now been able to sit down and tell you about them. Printed using waterbased inks on EarthPositive tote bags, they fit in with this new environmentally friendly clothing brand perfectly, and we hope we get to do some more printing for the lovely people! (that was the creeping part, geddit?)

Apologies, I have none (well, a few)

June 16, 2010

Apologies, I Have None were once upon a time a very awesome folk/punk two piece consisting of Dan and Josh, and now, they have become an even awesomer full band, and about to embark on a European tour together.

We got asked to print a bunch of merch for them all on EarthPositive apparel, and whilst I am absolutely for environmentally friendly, sweatshop free and organic cotton T-shirts and tote bags made from energy produced exclusively by wind and solar power, after five days of waiting for T-shirts to be delivered from the two different suppliers I had to order from, a million problems with things not being out of stock, then suddenly disappearing, being sent the wrong T-shirts and non-existant next day delivery,  I was then told this morning that there were absolutely no medium sized white T-shirts in the entire UK. Thanks EP.

So anyway, I hate to let people down, and at GET A GRIP it’s the last thing we want to do. But boys, we owe you 15 white T-shirts, and thank you for being so understanding! Here’s what we did print:

some things we’ve printed lately

May 20, 2010

These cute A5 prints by Rainbow Donkeys.

And these lovely tote bags featuring one of Rosie Lovelock’s illustrations.

He is the Punning Man

April 5, 2010

Last week we printed up some great merchandise for one of my favourite blogs The Punning Man. I would love to type something really cool and witty to go in this blog post, but I have just had a weekend away with Bangers and I am too hungover and tired to think of one. My favourite is the Black Flag style ‘Snack Bag’ tote, which Sam didn’t get until he was printing them all.


March 9, 2010

Leeds band Chickenhawk are venturing off around the UK in a couple of days with Exeter’s The Computers and Outcry Collective (for locals reading this, they’ll hit the Flapper on the 24th March). We got asked last minute to print a huge amount of merch for them- the biggest order we’ve had to date in fact, and we were more than happy to oblige!