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the last month or so

November 5, 2010

Around printing a thousand totes for a charity, and all the merch for Supersonic Festival, we’ve somehow also found to time to print these lovely things recently, and more would you believe!

Deaf To Van Gogh’s Ear

The Working Dead


Robbie Manson, on very, very nice American Apparel tri-blend athletic track shirts



The Arteries

No Guts No Glory

Bogus Clothing

…and some none-T-shirt items

Leagues Apart


…and last but by no means least,

Stupidly forgot to take a photo of these awesome tour posters designed by Dan Bowden. Here’s one sitting in the drying rack. The pink was so bright!

Wrecked all summer and winter

August 26, 2010

Wrecked Skateboarding are a clothing label with a difference- and we like different. The business sponsors local skateboarders and gets their fans and friends to model and spread the word- a real customer-led-in-the-real-world project rather than a lone person sat behind a computer screen trying to make something ‘cool’. The Wrecked blog is full of images and interesting anecdotes from the skateboarders, BMXers and friends, local and worldwide- to do with the project directly, or inspirational and just awesome to look at.


August 23, 2010

For weeks we were sneezing blue fluff and it felt like muppets were taking over the studio, but all was worthwhile to print hoodies for Surf2Heal, a non-profit organisation which teaches autistic kids to surf. With surf schools all over Ireland volunteering time and enthusiasm for the project, it was great to find out about it’s success across Cork, Kerry, Waterford and Clare.