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the last month or so

November 5, 2010

Around printing a thousand totes for a charity, and all the merch for Supersonic Festival, we’ve somehow also found to time to print these lovely things recently, and more would you believe!

Deaf To Van Gogh’s Ear

The Working Dead


Robbie Manson, on very, very nice American Apparel tri-blend athletic track shirts



The Arteries

No Guts No Glory

Bogus Clothing

…and some none-T-shirt items

Leagues Apart


…and last but by no means least,

Stupidly forgot to take a photo of these awesome tour posters designed by Dan Bowden. Here’s one sitting in the drying rack. The pink was so bright!


August 24, 2010

Funny story: my boyfriend was on tour in Europe a couple of months ago and met up with his pals Astpai. They were telling him all about GET A GRIP and how they were the only screen printers in Europe that seemed to print koozies. Well, they like their beers cold, and they’re heading back to the UK next month to play some shows. You should go see them.

Let’s hope it’s not raining for this festival

August 24, 2010

While many people will be going to Leeds and Reading this Bank Holiday weekend for the big names, those in the South West will be doing things a bit differently, with Devon’s Aeon Festival bringing independent acts to the stage, from punk to electronica, beatboxing, DJ’s and even a choir!

Some koozies we’ve printed recently

June 10, 2010

These sweet ones printed on a bunch of different bright colours for UK punk rock label Disconnect Disconnect Records

These for Leeds-based punk rock band The Magnificent.

And finally some of these for a lovely guy called Lloyd, though I have no links or anything to put about them.

Leagues Apart koozies

May 12, 2010

Leagues Apart are playing a bunch load of shows around Europe and the UK  this summer, to coincide, they now have their own koozies, so you can go to a show and drink a cold one without any worry for your pinky’s getting chilly.


April 23, 2010

Koozie printing infomation…


For best results keep the artwork bold. Black line on a white background is best, and keep the file in it’s layers. If you have aaaany questions, don’t hesitate to give us an email info(at)getagripstudio(dot)com. High resolution PSD files 300dpi are perfect for this sort of job.

Koozies we have printed so far…

Our sample koozie available to buy HERE

All In Vinyl blog post

The Arteries blog post

Ssssnakes blog post

Got Got Need blog post

Moving North blog post

Swansea Collective blog post

All the koozies we have printed so far were the unsewn sort (we sew them up in the studio), it’s a great option as you can fill all the sides of the koozies instead of just one 4×4″ space. As with all the printing we do, they’re all printed using waterbased inks.

These are all the colours we can get from our American friends.

Prices can be found HERE, and be sure to email us if you want anything other amounts.

Koozie fever from North to South

April 21, 2010

First we printed some radical two colour koozies for the Swansea Collective guys. They were originally designed for a PunkRock Scrabble night, which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be happening. But the guys do put on loads of awesome shows on in South Wales all of the time, in fact I’m heading there after I’ve posted this blog to go see Bridge and Tunnel, Young Livers, Bangers and Ssssnakes.

Then yesterday we had a day making up some koozies for Moving North, a Manchester based collective who put on ace shows and promote loads of other bands, zines and things going on.

So yeah, we’re all out of the first shipment we had, and will now be taking pre-orders on another shipment of koozies we’re planning on ordering in the next few weeks. Email us if you’d like a template, let us know what colour/s you’d like and we’ll make sure there’s some for you info(at)getagripstudio(dot)com. Put the subject heading as koozies or something.

Got, Got, Need, Want!

April 15, 2010

Luke Leighfield‘s record label Got Got Need now has shiny new merchandise! All printed onto American Apparel garments using waterbased inks. I particualry like the onsies, modelled in our photos by Kirsty who is doing work experience with us at the moment. And one I stole from Luke from his twitter.

Arteries koozies

April 9, 2010

The Arteries have been a bit quiet lately, probably because they are preparing to smash us in the face with a new record in the near future- but I can’t be certain. But still, even if they aren’t playing any shows for a little while, the boys still understand the need to keep your beer cold on a hot summers day, so we have printed some koozies for them. They look awesome but the lime ones sure did fuck with my sewing machine. Like all our koozies, they were made and cut out in America, printed (with waterbased inks) and sewn up in our studio.

All In Koozie!

April 3, 2010

Printed and sewn up in the studio, these rather dashing purple and white koozies were printed for All In Vinyl, a great label and distro putting out 7″ records teaming up the best UK punk bands with the best US punk bands. Great stuff!