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last paper prints of 2010

January 13, 2011

Christmas Cards

December 2, 2010

Well, we’ve finally printed this year’s Christmas Cards, available to order HERE. Four cards for £5, one of each design in a mix of two colourways, with envelopes too. We’ll start posting them out from Monday 6th December via first class post.

Thank you to our awesome designers, Lee, Darren, Thomas and Mister Millerchip!

Christmas Cards by GET A GRIP and friends

November 22, 2010

This year we have asked four of our favourite illustrators and friends of GET A GRIP to come up with a Christmas Card design each.

You can pre-order the cards here for £5, and will receive 4 A6 cards, (one of each design) hand screenprinted by ourselves. Printed on 100% recycled paper stock using waterbased inks. They will come with 4 upcycled envelopes by d!rektrecycling made from maps. The price also includes UK postage. Alternatively, you can wait until they are printed, and buy them directly from the studio/around The Custard Factory in a few weeks time (provided they haven’t already sold out).

Our amazingly talented designers are:
Darren John
Mister Millerchip
Lee Nutland
Thomas Lacey

There will only be a limited number of cards printed, and will be available and posted out as soon as they are printed in the first week of December (if not sooner). Please note they will vary slightly from the digital mock-ups pictured.


the last month or so

November 5, 2010

Around printing a thousand totes for a charity, and all the merch for Supersonic Festival, we’ve somehow also found to time to print these lovely things recently, and more would you believe!

Deaf To Van Gogh’s Ear

The Working Dead


Robbie Manson, on very, very nice American Apparel tri-blend athletic track shirts



The Arteries

No Guts No Glory

Bogus Clothing

…and some none-T-shirt items

Leagues Apart


…and last but by no means least,

Stupidly forgot to take a photo of these awesome tour posters designed by Dan Bowden. Here’s one sitting in the drying rack. The pink was so bright!

Behind Kathryn’s yellow door

August 24, 2010

Kathryn from The Yellow Door Bindery popped in earlier bearing gifts, and to show us these lovely little notebooks she’d made using different coloured bookcloths we printed a while back. You’ll be able to pick one or two of them up at Handmade Birmingham and I’m sure it won’t be too long before you see them pop up in a few Custard Factory shops and online. I can’t wait to start using mine.

Ervin’s website

August 23, 2010

At the time of posting this, Ervin Esen’s website is down, which is frustrating as I just know it’s going to be full of awesome things to look at. We printed these three colour prints for personal promotion, and we were made all to aware of how important getting the colours and print right was to Ervin. We did our very best, as we do with all our printing, and were delighted to receive an email a few days later saying

“They are exactly how I wanted them to be. Thank you for sharing my enthusiasm for this project. Throughout the whole process you were very very helpful and professional”

I don’t usually post testimonials for our work, I usually think people can make their own mind up as we try and deliver a one-to-one service with everyone we print for, but these kind words were just too nice to sit in our inbox.